10 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic


Driving quality traffic to your blog is all about understanding the core requirements of today’s demographics. A potential blog traffic formula outlined by considering the blog niche, right timing and relevant content resource is all you need to invite relevant blog traffic. Needless to say, driving search engine traffic is not only enough, but also holding on to that amount of traffic is a prerequisite to build up a blog’s credibility.  Rise above basic social media sharing methods to establish your blog as a successful informative platform among your competitors.

Here are some powerful yet proven tactics to increase your blog traffic from drastic low to surprisingly high. Armor your blog’s content and optimize it regularly with following given sure- shots to drive organic reach to it:

  1. Research and Publish Pillar articles:

Top ten articles work a wonder than regular blog posts and moderate visuals. Upgrade your blog with the latest well- researched content that contributes to reader’s growth. A good post that covers almost everything is better than ten different blog posts and is loved by the readers.

  1. Cross-link pillar content:

Google is much more relaxed when understanding your cross-linked posts. Simply link up your brand news posts with old relevant posts to get your blog an improved ranking on search engines.

  1. Refresh old content:

Uplifting old content and replacing it with viral content is a good practice that saves time as well as earn you genuine blog followers.  Add some screen shorts or charts of popular content while stimulating this content.

  1. Generate backlinks:

These are a bit harder to get but are the real gold for your blog’s natural ranking. Google authorizes the count of backlinks to determine the importance of your content posts. This helps Google in placing your blog to a better rank.

  1. Boost trending posts:

The beauty of organic reach never dies. Get influencers to write you trending content enriched with top- ranking keywords. It builds momentum of traffic in a short span of time that puts your blog in a limelight.

  1. Make reading Blog comments a habit:

Acquire exclusive content generation ideas for future from readers’ comments for your blog. Connect with readers by replying to their comments in order to understand their interests. Never forget that your commenters are the seasonal entrepreneurs, content marketers and SEO who can help you better.

  1. Short Video contents:      

A video content with 2 or 3 minutes length helps to engage present blog traffic. It drives more traffic from online readers when shared on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Pinterest.

  1. Email traffic generation:

More than 3.6 billion active email accounts are available worldwide. A simple email with blasting blog content could yield impressive search traffic results. Generate an elite email list to nurture the interest of your blog subscribers to become a privileged blogger.

  1. Twisted Guest Blogging:

Google thrives on active authority blogs visited by potential social media influencers. Construct a blog post and access its count of social influencers to an estimate of an average traffic reach to such a post. Choose A- list blogs and check out their social statics on Facebook and Twitter. More followers they have, more organic traffic your featured post will get.

  1. Primary Keyword Domination:   

Trust Google autosuggest for rolling- out long- tail primary keywords that you want to rank in the SERPs. Do not use exact long- tail keywords but focus on the vital keyword phrases to generate meaningful content.

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