5 Best Digital Marketing Tools That Will Help Enhance Your Online Presence


In this uncertain business world, it becomes difficult to make out where and how one should invest your time, especially as a small business. It becomes more confusing if you’re new to digital marketing and searching for ways to enhance your online presence. As an owner of small business, it becomes essential to know, understand and utilize the best marketing tools in such a way so that your business can take a big hike to reach the top leaving other competitors on the market far behind.

Well, if you are searching for such marketing tools that can take your recently started a small business to great heights, just make use of these five great digital marketing tools that will definitely help your small business grow its presence online. With these resources in hand, you will definitely be able to see how your business grows and develops effectively from an online perspective, and you would be able to make necessary changes to enhance your online credibility.

Without further ado, let us go through the best digital marketing tools that are available to you:


This amazing application is not at all weird as it name appears to be. Crazy Egg is a wonderful application and an effective tool that applies overlays to your website pages and displays how your visitors interact with each of your business page. Through these visuals, you can easily track which marketing strategies are working and which areas you still need to focus on for improvement. This kind of visualization will help you adjust your website content, its navigation as well as calls to action so as to boost up your conversion rate.

Crazy Egg even helps to enhance your presence online as it shows the areas of your website which are performing well enough to attract the visitors and stay for a longer period of time on the webpage.


When it comes to preparing a compelling content, your headlines including the website headers, blog titles, tags and even email subject lines grabs your reader’s attention and attract them to click or scroll for a longer period of time for more information. That is the reason you should never let your headlines fall flat. Coschedule headline analyzer is the best known tool available to ensure whether your headlines are top-notch and are functioning efficiently to your advantage.

The Coschedule algorithms let you identify the best word choices and the length of the headlines so as to encourage readers to engage themselves with your content. The headlines are the gateway to get the traffic you want for your business. This tool should be used for every single headline that you create for your contents.


One of the major Digital Marketing tool is WebpageFX’s which offers you the privilege for free readability. All you need to do is to simply enter your URL into the search field, and let your page content be reviewed for complexities. Keeping your content within range of readability of general population can help you bolster readership and required engagement with your potential clients and customers. This tool can be used as a guide to refine your word choice and sentence length for your content.

It is the prime necessity to incorporate language in the content that your audience can understand. It even makes your business to appear in such a way as if you’re speaking at a peer-to-peer level instead of speaking as an authority to a novice. The language should be friendly, reliable, relevant and informative at the same time that generates the most engagement, and this tool, your content is bound to resonate even more with your audience.


If your content always gets messed up with spellings and grammar, then nothing better than Grammarly can help you out. An efficient tool that just imitates a professional copy editor, this application automatically checks for grammatical and spelling errors and suggests correct alternatives. Even if your content writers are too marvelous to be pointed out for such mistakes, it is recommended to every small business to use Grammarly because it helps you avoid embarrassing typing mistakes in social posts. After all, all content writers are humans and human is to err. Proper spelling and grammar definitely have a major impact on your online presence and little mistakes of spellings and grammar can easily ruin all your efforts. This tool thus makes writing a much easier job as you already have a safety net to catch and safeguard your content against any major error before publishing.


If you haven’t heard of PushCrew, it is important to note that it is a Digital Marketing tool that enables you to send push notifications to your target audience even when they’re not scrolling on your website. This is a great tool for publicizing new blog posts, and can be used to inform your audience of new products, services, promotions, or even business news. IT provides an easy way to reach out to potential customers and draw traffic to your website.

By using all these five essentially important resources, you can easily boost your online reputation and credibility. So, why don’t you give them a try?

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