A Dedicated Bunch
Driven by ROI

Behind every great digital agency, is a team that works tirelessly to oil the machine. Intersect Marketing Group’s team comes from every corner of the industry to deliver a rounded skillset that’s rooted in proven experience. Read on to learn more about the team working behind the scenes.

Meet Our Team

Rex Boyd


Reynold M.

CTO & Code Monkey

Jim S.

Lead Funnel Strategist & SEO Lead

Matt F.

SEM Analyst

Aaron L.

Team Leader &
Project Management

Jake W.

Team Leader &
Customer Support

Jerick E.

Website Design

Milos P.

Website Design

Amitesh G.

Web Engineer

Denis S.

Web Engineer

About Us

We were founded by accident in 2008 when several San Francisco Real Estate Agents asked for help with their online and print marketing needs. We now work with hundreds of Small Businesses and Real Estate Agents around the country. Our highly experienced team has what it takes to take great care of your marketing needs. Many businesses say that they are all about the customer, but Intersect Marketing Group means it — we work hard to understand your needs and provide personable results.

“Intersect Marketing Group is boiling down the core services of major ad agencies and offering quality that might just be superior. I’m excited to be along for the ride”

Our Awesome Clients