Add Social Media to Your Email Signature


We are going to give you the code for a very simple email signature.  If you need help customizing your signature more than we have in this sample, post a comment on this article or in the forum.

This signature is very simple, no images, just text and links. While images are great and fun on Facebook, on email, most people have settings for spam that don’t allow images to show unless they “click to download” them. Or worse, they come through as attachments to the email. Let’s not encourage your email to go to the junk folder, and keep it simple!  At most, at your logo for branding, but leave out the social media icons.


  1. Open this file: email signature and copy/paste the code into something like “TextEdit” or “NotePad” – or better, your email program such as Outlook.
  2. Replace the obvious text for your name and phone numbers.  Be sure not to delete any code.
  3. Don’t see a line for information you want to include?  Type it in on the line you want it on, then just add a “break tag” to drop to the next line (see below).
  4. Want to delete something? The image below are the rows you can delete without screwing anything up.
  5. For the lines for links to your website and social media, after the a href=” be sure to include the full URL, i.e.:

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