Ask Your Network to Extend Your Reach


Are you sitting back and waiting for others to reach out to you? Be proactive and engage a new audience. Whether you are a quilter working out of your home or a restaurant, bar owner, retail store or even a real estate agent, you can connect with people you don’t know, easily.

Reach out to 3 new people today.

Post a status update asking for referrals to other pages/friends/connections:

“I’m looking for a few real estate agents in the US to connect with. Any of you have friends around the country in the biz?”

“I’m trying to connect with other quilting clubs around the country, anyone know any on Facebook?”

“Hi everyone, I’m working on my referral base to designers in other areas, anyone have a friend they can share with me?”

“Looking for really cool interior designer Facebook pages to follow – suggestions?”

You can easily fill in the blank for each of these.

If they don’t provide a link to their page, ask for it!  This is engaging the conversation with the referrer.  It’s a good thing.  

Connect with the new referral. The ultimate goal is to get them to like you (or friend you if you don’t have a business page). You won’t get what you don’t ask for, so ask! A few ways you can put yourself in front of them is to (but always remember to ask for what you want – the like/follow back!):

  • Like their page.
  • Post on their wall!
  • Comment on their pictures and status updates.
  • Send them a private message.
  • Ask them to like your page, too!

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