Benefits of Using a Chicago Web Development Company


Many businesses take the do-it-yourself approach when it comes to web design. At first, it seems easy. Simply download the software and spend a few hours working on it. The next thing you know, you have a website. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. When it comes to digital marketing, many businesses face the problem of not investing enough time and effort into their company’s  web presence. Your website can make or break your company. A confusing or difficult website leads to less people visiting your site. It also means they won’t stay to learn more about your company. The initial costs of a DIY website seem appealing compared to hiring a web development company. However, your website won’t produce near as much revenue as hiring a web development company.

Making a Positive First Impression

Once a person visits your website they immediately form an opinion about your company. This opinion is entirely based on the appearance of your website. Regardless of the service or products you provide, your website must immediately attract visitors. If it doesn’t, then you’ve already lost their business. When using DIY methods to create your website, you lack the knowledge of trends and designs that draw visitors in the most. Alternatively, using a web development company means that your website measures up and even surpasses, in comparison to others. Web development companies track web design trends to see what works and what doesn’t. By investing a little extra money in a web development company, your visitors get a positive first impression. This positive experience leads to them wanting to stay and learn more about what your company offers.

Having a Compatible Website

As mobile technology rises, so does the need for mobile compatibility. Becoming mobile compatible is critical to the success of your business. Unfortunately, most people don’t keep up with the latest standards and newest technologies for mobile websites. This is the reason they often choose a do-it-yourself web design approach. However, this typically means spending money on services that aren’t needed.

Web development companies know what the exact solutions to use that make your website mobile compatible. Without using a web development company, you could be unaware of things like responsive web design. You might end up wasting hundreds of dollars on creating a separate mobile website. They also ensure that your website functions properly, even when new mobile devices are released.

Create a reliable website

When taking the do it yourself approach to website design, business owners eventually run into the same problem. For example, you designed the website yourself. Then, when you try to change anything with your website you receive an error message. It doesn’t matter how reliable the website design software is. Without professional help, you are more likely to run into these types of problems. Sadly, when errors do occur with your DIY website, you are on your own. As a result, you often spend hours searching for ways to fix your site to get it running properly again. In the end, this costs your company even more money.  Moreover, it usually ends with contacting a web development company to fix the problem. Going straight to a web design company eliminates the unnecessary stress of using an unreliable website.

Better website designs

When you create a website by yourself, most people end up using a pre-made template. Templates tend to be very basic, bland designs that can be used by anyone wanting to make their own website. This just results in repetitive, boring sites that don’t stand out to visitors. Visitors are potential customers and need to be intrigued when they enter your company’s website. Web development companies create original, clear designs that immediately draw visitors in. Even though your website design might not seem important, it can make the difference between having an increase or a decrease in revenue.

Showing up on Google

Google is one of the most widely used search engines. If you are a web design novice, then things like SEO are probably not even on your radar or the last thing on your mind. SEO is what makes your company appear over others when searched on Google. Without SEO, your site won’t show up on the first few pages of Google. This leads potential customers to your competitors over you, just because they ran across their company website on Google before they found yours. Web development companies are the professionals when it comes to boosting your SEO. When it comes to creating your company’s website, web development companies make your site look good and work correctly. They also improve the chances of it showing up on searches before your competitors.

Having an online presence continues to grow in importance with the shift towards online shopping and marketing. While there are inexpensive, do-it-yourself options available, they end up costing you big in the long run. Hiring a web development company can bring a heap of benefits that doing it yourself simply won’t do. A web development company creates a website that makes a good first impression, is compatible with mobile devices, is reliable, has a great website design, and shows up before competitors when searched. If you want to increase your company’s revenue through your online presence, then check into hiring a web development company.


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