Charitable Posts


Mom always said: “When donating money or time to charity, one should be humble and not seek recognition.” There is a fine line and a balance between supporting a cause you believe in, and only doing it to promote your business.

You can draw attention to the charities you support on social media. This affords you the opportunity to share your involvement, too, and ask others to join you in your efforts. Post a link to their site – but to the volunteer or donation page. Keep your message very humble and simple. Talk about why you support the organization, not how much you gave.

Have pictures from your volunteer time? Post them!

Don’t have a charity you support? Ask your friends/fans who they donate their time and money to in a status update.

Where to post?
Facebook Status Update
LinkedIn Status Update
Blog (if you have one, blog about it)
Pinterest – add pictures from their site to an album

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