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Yelp. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it. But it is there and you should engage it. We had a client that had reviews written under two different business names, one with the full business name, one with the shortened, more common way of saying it. The bad news was that one of those business names had really bad reviews and the other had really good reviews.

It’s not hard to claim your name and setup a profile. The link was not so obvious to find, so we’re giving it to you below.


Whether you are a business, sole proprietor (using your personal name) or a real estate agent within a firm, you should claim your name. Realtors, you can claim “John Doe, Prudential”. Then post it on your website and in your email.

Most Yelp Business Owner’s accounts provide code to display overall ratings and review counts. There are also a handful of WordPress plugins you can check out at by searching for “yelp”.

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