DIY Web Design vs. Professional Web Design


If you have thought about building a new web design or updating an existing one, then one of the first decisions you come by is whether to do it yourself or hire a digital agency. The option to even build your design on your own has been around for a while. Today, online tools are now available to help you create a website design without knowing anything about coding. However, just because you have the option to do something yourself, doesn’t always mean it is the best choice. Let’s take a look at some things to consider when deciding between a creating a DIY web design or hiring a professional digital agency.


Consider Your Skill Level


While there are some out there that can create a functional web design from scratch, most people don’t have the skill set. Luckily, there are options for almost every skill level. Some DIY sites are as easy to use as PowerPoint. However, the outcome from these types of website generators look like “cookie-cutter” web designs that may or may not work for your business. There are some slightly more unique and customizable DIY web design sites, but these often require a somewhat higher skill set to accomplish the desired outcome. When choosing a digital agency, it doesn’t matter how good you are at designing a website. Thankfully, the professionals do it all for you. Plus they make sure that your web design works for your specific business.


Think About Your Wallet


Besides being able to create your site, one of the most significant factors of a new website is the budget. How much you can spend on your web design helps narrow down whether you should go with DIY or the professionals. Do-it-yourself sites typically start out for around ten dollars a month, while hiring a digital agency may end up costing you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. If you don’t have the finances to hire a professional, then you may have to settle for a DIY web design until you create enough revenue.


Website Needs


Businesses create their sites for several different purposes. Some websites are basic and easy to use in order to communicate essential information. These sites are primarily intended just to give the company an online platform, as well as contact information. For websites like these, DIY builders may be more sufficient. However, some companies, especially with the rise in online shopping, require a slightly more sophisticated web design. This step can be hard to accomplish if you do not know how to code. If your company needs a more complex site, then it may be a good idea to hire a digital agency. Only the professionals can manage the site and cleanly design each page, ensuring its functionality.


Look into All of Your Options


While DIY may be the best option for some, there are a few business’ that almost always require professional web developers. These companies are usually ones that include custom apps, generate 100 percent online revenue, and those who are not familiar at all with website builders. In these cases, you need expert guidance. You need someone that knows how to create your site and also knows the ins-and-outs of it. If your company generates a low revenue online, then it may be better just to stick with a DIY option. This way you can get a clean, professional looking site without having to make it a big project.


Check into Web Design Customization


Even if you find a template design that you love, it is still only a template. You can find dozens, if not hundreds, of other sites out there that thought the same. Choosing a generated template leads to your website looking identical to potentially hundreds of other sites. Website builders often include features that you don’t need or even know how to use. Additionally, they typically don’t offer specific features critical to your company. While this may not be a problem to some, this can be a big deal to your business. By hiring a digital agency, you are getting complete customization. You also get only the features you require, along with a custom design.


When it comes to creating a website, there are a lot of options available. Your web design is essential, especially if you generate the majority of your revenue online. There are a few things to consider when choosing between DIY and the pros.  For instance, you want to think about skill level, finances, website needs, and the overall look and then evaluate all of your options. While a do-it-yourself website may be for some, it is not for all companies. Your web design is essential. Make sure you pick the best option for you in order to benefit from your website.


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