Don’t Get Passed Over: Six Steps to Ensure that Your Website Gets Noticed


As a business owner, your website is the main generator of online traffic. Today, most businesses find that utilizing a website helps to generate leads and drive traffic to them. While going online can help you broaden your marketing reach, it can be easy to fall into the background. Your website can easily fall to the second or third page with so many websites and businesses offering a variety of services and products online. That’s why hiring a Chicago digital agency is beneficial.  Here are six steps to ensure that no one passes on your website.

1. Make Search Engines Notice You

SEO (search engine optimization) is a key component when it comes to online exposure. By using keywords, SEO helps to boost your website’s traffic through organic search results. Businesses that don’t work on improving the SEO of their website end up getting pushed down the list of search results. Using specific keywords can help direct your target customers your way by improving your SEO. A Chicago digital agency has access to which keywords are the most successful in different business niches. For instance, digital agencies work with businesses in a variety of fields, granting them inside knowledge about which marketing strategies work and which ones don’t. Being as specific as possible with your SEO keywords can help not only increase your website’s traffic but target customers that are more likely to buy your product or services.

2. Gain More Exposure to SEM

While SEM (search engine marketing) requires a small initial investment, it can really help your website gain some momentum. For some business niches, there is just simply more competition. As a result, it requires a little more creative effort to promote your website. Pay-per-click campaigns can help SEM, and in turn, boost your online exposure. Many businesses have discovered the benefits of putting a small investment into SEM. For example, with just a little help, your website lands on the first page of search results. The main benefit of gaining more exposure is that it gets your business in front of a large audience, quickly. SEM is what helps get your site off the ground or out of a rut.

3. Make Sure You Are Listed

An online website is great for selling products, but you need more than that if you want to improve your exposure. Selling from a physical storefront is equally important as selling products from an online store. As a result, it’s crucial that your business is listed, so that your customers can find you.  Getting listed in online directories is a simple way to gain traffic. Many people look towards online directories to help find products and services they are in need of and direct them to it. Creating accounts for online directories and including the link to your website can help ensure that your website gets noticed.

4. Stay Connected With Social Media 

A simple way to ensure that clients see you online is to promote through social media outlets.  Social media allows you to post shareable images and information that can produce a snowball effect with reposts. With one simple post, you can potentially reach thousands of customers. A Chicago digital agency can help create engaging and creative content to connect with more consumers.

5. Go Local

There are usually plenty of local media outlets that will give you free or cheap publications and shout outs. Try to connect with your local papers, magazines, radio stations, and news channels to help promote your business. Also, hiring a local digital agency can be beneficial. Because a local digital agency works with local business clientele, you gain access to additional information on what is working for other local businesses. Not only can you better connect with locals, but you also get the added benefit of spreading your business through word-of-mouth. Best of all, it gets you some free advertisement, but more importantly the loyalty of your local consumers.

6. Brand Your Site

Branding your site gives visitors visual cues to help them remember you. Your brand is how customers recognize you in the mix of all of the other businesses. Creating your brand yourself is possible, but hiring a Chicago digital agency can help you to reap the most benefits. One way that a digital agency can help with your online marketing campaign is by keeping your brand consistent. No matter where you post, it’s critical that your brand remains the same. Brand consistency is key to online marketing success. Customers that see your brand over and over again they will start to recognize it. Whether it’s on your website or on your social media platforms, consistency is key to promoting your brand.


Marketing has moved almost entirely online. When people want information about a business, they turn to the internet. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to ensure that your website stands out among others. Hiring a digital agency can make your website thrive and remain on the first page. Digital agencies are professionals when it comes to boosting your overall online presence.  To boost your website and ensure that you don’t fall into the background of search engines, contact your local digital agency today.


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