Endorse LinkedIn Connections Today


LinkedIn allows you to provide a very quick endorsement of your connections. It’s a really easy task, and if you get click happy, could put you in front of a lot of your connections and the people they know.

When you endorse someone it does a few publicity things for you. It tells them you endorsed them (puts you in front of them) and posts on their feed that you endorsed them (puts you in front of people they know).


Click “Contacts” –> “Connections” –> Select a connection, it will highlight them in light blue and pull up their basic information to the right. –> Then click on their name and click on their name in the right column that is in dark blue. This will open their full profile.

If they have put skills in their profile, these skills will be at the top for you to endorse. Be honest, but also pull from all the conversations you’ve had with them.

Each of the skills are automatically selected. What you are doing is eliminating any that you aren’t able to endorse by clicking the “X” in the right corner (see image above). After you have the list you want, click “Endorse”.

Done! Now, rinse and repeat. Spend 5 minutes endorsing people.

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