Five Reasons Why Native Ads Are Better


If you’ve looked into Chicago digital marketing, you may have already thought about native ads. Native advertising builds ads that blend seamlessly into their platforms. A native ad on Twitter might look like an ordinary tweet, for example. These ads carry superiority over other types of ads. Why? Read on to find out.

People Don’t Ignore Native Ads

How often do you actually pay attention to advertising? When you watch TV, do you zone out during the commercials? What about online? Do you scroll right past the advertisements? As a culture, we’ve gotten so used to advertisements that we’ve trained ourselves to ignore them. When ads look like regular content, though, people pay attention instead of scrolling past.

Native Ads Don’t Inspire Negativity

Let’s face it: Ads make people angry. They just do. People just want to read or watch their regular content without being interrupted. Interruptions are jarring and create negative reactions. You don’t want people to associate your product or service with the anger that they experienced when your ad interrupted their video. Instead, give your future customers a smooth transition from their feed to your ad and back to their feed again.

They Get Attention Without Demanding It

Anyone that demands attention probably doesn’t deserve it. The same is true of advertisements. If you have to resort to cheap gimmicks like loud volumes or impossible to minimize screens, you reveal a lack of confidence in your product. If you blend your ads into regular content, though, you make a statement that says that your product belongs there.

They Sound More Natural

Ordinary ads sometimes lend themselves to gimmicky language. Native ads let you sound more natural. You can take on a more conversational tone that matches the surrounding platform.

They’re More Creative

Of course, just because your ads blend in with the platform doesn’t mean that they can’t be creative. Native ads give you a better chance to work with your own voice. Use humor, art, or whatever method works best for you to reach the level of creativity that you want.

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