Get caught passing notes on Facebook.


A subtle way to not only show your client appreciation, but to put your name in front of your connection’s sphere of influence, is to post on their wall. It’s a referral without having to ask for it.

Posting a note on their wall not only attaches your name to the post (best to post from your business page, but either is better than none), but it also starts a conversation. But it’s a great conversation starter with people they know that you may not.

“Bill and Linda! Congratulations on being a homeowner for 5 years! xoxo”

“Glen, it was great to see you! Thanks for coming in for dinner. All the best!”

“Joan, your haircut looked amazing! I’m so glad you are happy with it. See you in 6 weeks!”

“Thomas…3 years ago you came to me with an idea, today you are living in that idea. Congratulations on your home!”

“Glenda – you did it! You survived your first year as a homeowner! I wish you many more happy years. Let me know if you need any “house-related” referrals.”

“Tom, thanks for coming in for happy hour. Next time, a beer on me!”


  • Compile a list of clients and the anniversary of the purchase
  • Put a note in your calendar, on your computer or your phone, for each date
  • Every time a note pops up on your calendar, post a note on their wall congratulating them on being a homeowner for another year

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