Get Found Online: Boost the SEO of Your Law Firm’s Website


When it comes to SEO, law firm websites are among the most competitive. There are so many areas of practice that the keyword “attorney” doesn’t quite cut it anymore. However, there are ways to boost your law firm’s SEO. By doing so, potential clients are more likely to see your law firm before your competitors. For example, some attorney finds that paid searches bring in the most clients. While this may be true for short-term, you still need to think long-term about your website’s SEO. You need to make long-term improvements to see more online marketing success. Here are some tips on how to boost your SEO.

Convenient Methods to Contact You

It’s common for law firm websites to give multiple ways for users to get in touch with them. Successful law firm websites often give users multiple phone options, email addresses, mailing addresses, and even an online contact submission form. This action gives a variety of options to potential clients. Although the true urgency of each case varies by each practice area, it’s important to give users a variety of ways to contact you. For example, personal injury cases are typically more urgent than other clients. When it comes to clients, both current and potential, successfully finding your firm online, availability is an essential element. Law firm websites that provide clear contact information along with convenient methods for contact are more likely to be found online than those that are difficult to reach.

Search Based On Multiple Criteria

The goal of your law firm’s website is to connect with people. These are typically people searching for the services you offer. To make a connection, you need to give them the information that they seek. Many law firms offer a variety of practice areas which draws in clientele with varying needs. It’s important for visitors to easily navigate your law firm’s website and find the specific practice area they need. Clients usually appreciate a directory of sorts or a list of attorneys that help them to search and find the person or information they need easily. This is particularly helpful with websites for larger firms. This keeps clients happy and helps to boost your SEO.

Provide A Responsive Web Design

Today, more and more people choose to use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones solely, instead of alongside laptops. This means that it’s more important now than ever to have a website design that is responsive to all types of devices. Providing clients with a responsive design that works regardless of the device they use, ensures that you don’t lose any clients due to faulty web design.

Essentially, a responsive website design is capable of scaling to different resolutions from large to small screens. By providing a responsive web design, users can get the information they need or find attorney’s in a specific area of practice regardless of the device. It also demonstrates that your law firm is current with the latest technology, which can end up being a differentiating factor between competitors. This is especially true for SEO. More responsible website designs result in a higher SEO which boosts your law firm’s website ahead of competitors.

Connect with Social Media

While not all law firms were early advocates of connecting through social media, many are catching on to the benefits. Some attorneys have found success by connecting their social media profile to their law firm’s website. By providing a social media link, clients can further connect with attorneys. Connecting through social media outlets allows for law firms and attorneys to build their brand. It also gives them direct access to prospective clients.

Post Client Testimonials

A lot of a law firm’s success relies on testimonials. Testimonials are what helps future clients feel secure with their decision of choosing you as an attorney. Client testimonials give your law firm credibility and show potential clients that you are a trustworthy brand to choose. Also, when clients are particularly happy with your service, have the least a review to help boost your SEO.

Use Original Photos

Law firms and attorneys commonly use stock photos to add some character to their site. While they are high quality and make your site look nice, they do the same for 50 other sites that are using them. Using original photos and content can set your website apart from the competition. Showing off your own office and team gives your website a more personal feel.

Posting quality photos doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a professional photographer. While using a smartphone may not be high-tech enough, simple point and shoots and other cameras are easy to use and produce quality photographs that are website ready. Using photographs of your own office, lobby, and people creates a warm, personal, and engaging website that clients will want to visit and come back to. Websites that use original photos also tend to have better SEO rankings.

Don’t let your law firm’s website get lost among the rest. Boosting your sites SEO can help you not only stay afloat but stand out among competitors. Attorneys and law firms are some of the most competitive when it comes to SEO keywords. By utilizing these few, simple tips you can drive more clients your way. When it comes to your law firm, make sure that your SEO is the best that it can be.

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