Give Thanks


Can you identify any customers or clients from the past week who came into your business, whether it be a retail shop, bar, restaurant or real estate open house? Did you have a conversation about your work with anyone? Thank them.

  • Use your business page to comment if you have one.
  • Comment and tag them on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Thank them for their business, but do it in a way that is social and how you speak. Stuffy business speak is not the way to go.
  • You don’t necessarily have to mention what they were at your business for – just a “Great to see you this weekend!” from your business page says enough.
  • No direct client contact at your business, but you had a conversation? ie: You’re a designer and you caught up with someone and chatted about the latest and greatest in tile? Post a note about how great it was to reconnect and catch up.

What does this do?
It posts your business page on their wall/feed, putting you in front of the people they know. It also has the potential to open a conversation up.

Here is how to use Facebook “as your business”:

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