Group Work


Groups are a great way to join conversations on a variety of topics and to showcase your business/yourself.  Search the directory below to find groups.

Join a group! Look for these types to get started…

  1. Are you a small bakery and want to share recipes or marketing ideas? Find them around the world.
  2. Are you a performer and want to connect with other performers to cross-promote one another?
  3. Maybe you are a designer and you want to share your brilliance with others across the globe?
  4. Find groups of like-minded people
  5. Join appropriate business associations in your area
  6. Find events for your area (think something like an “Art Walk” – any business could comment in that group)

Find more:

Want to create a group?  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Create a group for clients/prospects to join
  2. Create a group for those you refer business to (either local or nationally)
  3. Do work with a lot of vendors?  Create a community.

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