Increase Your Reach with Outbound Dialing


It takes several outbound phone calls before you can reach a potential customer. As a result, many businesses have given up the concept of outbound dialing to focus solely on call center services sales. While it’s more difficult to close a sale with cold calling, it is often more difficult than through an inbound call. There are still benefits to outbound dialing. Most importantly, when a potential client needs a product, someone will reach out them. If it isn’t you, you could end up losing them to your competitor.

Outbound dialing should be a vital piece of your company’s business plan. However, there must be more to the plan than picking up the phone and cold calling a bunch of numbers. Let’s look at some key factors that help increase your sales through outbound dialing.

Identify a Prospective Customer Profile

The first step to increase your reach with outbound dialing is to identify your prospective customer profile. Why is this relevant? To reach a potential client, you need to know who your ideal customer is. For example, people who don’t have student loans do not want a call from a student loan forgiveness site. Therefore, you must identify the profile of the individual or type of company that your product is ideal for. Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can tailor your outbound dialing to those types of customers.

Contact More Than One Prospect

If your business is targeting companies, then you should contact more than one individual within the company. There will be more than one individual that could benefit from your product within a single company. The more people you interact with, the more potential you have for developing a lead.

Have Knowledge

It is essential to know some specifics about the potential customer when outbound dialing. Research the company or individual’s LinkedIn account. You could also gain information from the company’s website. If you know specifics about the company, then your credibility will be increased. With knowledge of the specific needs of their business, you can prove that they are valuable to you and that you can solve a pain point for them.

Think Long-Term

Most of the time, the first contact that you make with a prospective client does not lead to a sale. When this happens, it is important to know how to overcome objections. You don’t want to respond with silence or worse, get angry. The key is to build a rapport and to be the source to solve their problem when the pain level of their pain point becomes unbearable. Overall, you should be friendly and professional. Additionally, it is important to remind the potential customer that if they ever need your services to keep you in mind.

Local Presence

When you call a prospect, you need to do so from a local number. Why? What do you do when you see a number that you don’t recognize? Most people let those calls go to voicemail and never return the call. However, that answer is different if the number is coming from the same area code. People assume that they know the person who is calling them and that the call is relevant when it is coming from a familiar phone number, so they pick up the call. This practice can increase your customer contact dramatically.

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