It’s not always right to share.


Facebook has options for how your content and your site are shared. You can “like” a business/person, or you can “share” them. They are very different.

A like will ask them to like your page, which will put your information you post on their wall. This is a good thing. Consider this “capturing a lead.” You now have an open line of communication – you can even send them notes.

If the button on your website is simply a “share” button, you are missing out! If someone clicks “share” your page posts only one time to their wall on Facebook. You don’t get a connection to them (unless, of course, you already have one) and it’s a one-time deal.

If you only have a “share” button on your website, you need to get a “like” button, too!

Visit this link:


  • The first box, “URL to Like” – this is the direct URL to your Facebook page. ie:
  • As you select options, they will display on the right hand side so you can see what you are building with the plugin.

Once you have the code, copy and paste it and send it to your web developer to include on your website.

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