Not popular on Twitter? Don’t take it personally. Fix it.


Do you want more Twitter followers? Of course you do! Want to boost that number, without paying anything for it? This article will help.

Step 1: Visit and make a goal to add 100 people to the list you follow. Hopefully, you’ll gain 30-50 new followers from this.

Step 2: Add yourself to Twellow.

Step 3: Make it easy on yourself and connect via Facebook. Or, go through the self-explanatory registration. This is where your Twitter account will be connected so you can update it from Twellow.

Step 4: Find followers! There are a few ways to search, shown below.

Follow professions that are good prospective clients or that can refer you business.

[note]Type keywords in the search box[/note]

[note]Search by category[/note]

[note]Search by who you are following (shown in the image below) – or who is following you. (image 1 of 2, see below)[/note]

[note]Search by who you are following – or who is following you. (image 2 of 2)[/note]

Step 5: Click to follow! After you’ve found your category, start clicking on who you want to follow.

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