Post a Picture Involving Your Business


If there is ever a time to engage social media, it’s when you have pictures. Pictures, statistically, gather more likes and comments than any other type of post (according to HubSpot).

Take pictures of your clients today. Depending on what you do they might be getting their hair cut, having a cocktail and reading a menu.

Realtors, take pictures at your open house of the crowd filing through, details of the property or even with your client before they leave or when they come home! Not holding an open house? Take pictures with your clients as you tour (have fun with it!).


  • Add them to Facebook
  • Tweet them
  • Blog them
  • Add them to Pinterest
  • Tag your client in the photo

By tagging the photo, you put the photo on their wall and in front of their network. Great way to keep your name out there. You create a library on your page that shows your business in action.

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