Regain some sanity … ensure your phone rings only for desired callers


How often does your mobile phone ring each day? How often is the call a spammer or robocaller? Filter out the noise so that all your phone conversations can be productive ones.

Several times last week clients mentioned to our CEO, Rex Boyd that they kept loosing daily productivity when spammers called their phone. They reported phones ringing 3-8+ times a day with calls from unwanted callers.

Rex shared that he has been using an app called HiYa to regain his productivity. It maintains a list of spam numbers and robo callers. If one of these numbers calls (or texts) the app will stop the phone from ringing. If one does get through, you can help the community by reporting the new number and adding it to their list.

An added benefit is that the CallerID pop-up from all callers is very spot-on so he almost always knows who is calling when the phone rings.

Other great (and similar) options are Truecaller, Mr NumberCall Bliss, and Whoscall.

Hopefully, one of these apps helps you regain some productivity too!

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