Reviews Are Great…So Share the Wealth


It’s that time again! Have a favorite coffee shop? Restaurant?  Have you taken the time to review them on Facebook, LinkedIn or Yelp (heck, even “all of the above”)? Writing a review can accomplish two things…and one those things is secretly a referral for you. See a new example about how to thank your coffee shop below!

1. You do something nice for someone else; help build those small businesses that help you build your business.

2. We want you to qualify the review by giving feedback as to how it improved your business. In doing so you also put your name out there and call attention to what you do for a living. It’s a “reverse referral.”

“I love your coffee! I can’t get through an open house without a cup. You fuel the spring in this realtor’s step!”

“Sara, you are a master interior designer! Thank you so much for the incredible work you did at XYZ Restaurant on the chairs, painting and art. Clients have been talking. Please feel free to include photographs of your work here in your portfolio! Stop in with friends sometime, the first round is on me!”

See what we did there? We just gave them a rave review, but also put out a subtle hint as to what you do for a living. Win win.

BUT WAIT! There’s more! Even write reviews on your competition! If you post as your company name (or your name for real estate agents), you draw attention to your business, as well.

“Agent So and So, it was wonderful working on our transaction together. You are a consummate professional and I truly enjoyed the process. I look forward to seeing you at my next listing!”

Some people might have an application for “Reviews” on their page, but if they don’t, just simply post on their wall.

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