Schema markup is a code, i.e. semantic vocabulary that people put on their websites to which helps search engines to return more effective results for users. This is just like rich snippets.

Schema markup is one of the latest evolutions in SEO today. Although this is one of the most powerful forms of optimization yet, it is the least-utilized form of SEO.

Schema markup is exceptionally useful to the users.

Down the line are certain facts about Schema Markup:

  • Schema markup gives a meaning to the date on your website, other than what your data says.

Anyway, the content on your website gets in an indexed form and is returned in search results but with schema markup, the content gets registered and reflects in a different way. This is because the markup reflects content in the search engine with a meaning. The definite description and tag on the Search Engine Research Page (SERP).

  • Schema markup is different from others. It uses a unique semantic vocabulary in micro data format.

This doesn’t require any new coding skills. Markup webpages still use HTML. It only requires adding bits in HTML vocabulary. This was created by a collaborative team from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Schema markup is an inter-industry collaboration.

  • Schema markup is invented for users.

Schema markup is a boon for all users. It makes it all so easy and quick. When a website has schema markup, users can see in the SERPs what the website is offering and what is it about.

This is a user-focused Improvement.

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