Should SEO care about Internal Links?


Linking is an essential element of the SEO which allows content of the posts and pages to be linked to the web. Hence, linking either internally or externally is extremely significant for the ranking of the websites and webpages. But, it is important to use and apply the right linking strategy in order to hike up the SEO.

But is it necessary for the SEO to care about the internal links and include them in the web pages along with the content?

Well, the main purpose of establishing and creating internal links is to make way and navigate the visitors from one place to another on the same website. Although everything has its own pros and cons yet, it is important to note that creating internal links is much less preferred as compared to building external links to the websites.

  • Problems with the internal links

The manipulative link structure of the internal links and stuffed anchor texts are seen as problematic issues related to the internal links which might present the links to look superficial, sketchy and fraudulent to the web navigators and audience, and hence might bring loss to the rankings of the websites.

Establishing a number of external links draws more authority and influence to enhance the ranks of the website as compared to internal links created on the page. Hence, the anchor text of the internal links is less influential and weak.

Creating too many links, especially internal links might bring down the link value per link of the website.

Hence, it is important to take up right internal link structures and strategies to create them.

  • Importance of building links on websites and using right internal linking strategies

Although the creation of innumerable links might prove to be harmful for the position of the websites, its lack would also degrade the ability of websites to be searched and attain a good rank. In the absence of such internal links, the webpage is said to have been rendered as an orphan or a handicapped.

Until and unless, the webmaster applies a righteous strategy to create links, the websites might be driven away from the reach of the web navigators and visitors.

  • How to approach towards right strategies for establishing internal links

It is often recommended to ensure that no page must be three links ‘hops’ away from another webpage otherwise the navigators who want to get the desired content with just one click, lose their interest in the website. So, it’s better not to test the patience of the visitors.

The pages should only contain meaningful, relevant and reliable links.

It is highly recommended not to use same anchor text for two links to make way for different pages.

Unreliable and unwanted content and no-follow internal links must be removed from the webpages and websites.

Over-optimising or keyword-stuffing anchor text of the internal texts must be avoided.

Hence, it is often said that although internal linking is not that efficient as the external linking and might be ineffective towards enhancing the ranks of the websites, their lack might also bring down the ranks and SEO should care about their inclusion in websites and webpages through right linking strategies.

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