Six ways to optimize small websites on-page and on mobile


It is said that no website is too small to compete. Even if the website drives zero traffic, there are various reasons for such failure and many scopes to drag it amongst the most-searched search engines and websites. Every site has the potential to draw potential customers and traffic towards it. That is where SEO agencies and digital marketing companies are hired to provide certain efficient and remarkable marketing strategies so as to boost the rankings of such websites and make the business firms earn the profit. Drawing traffic becomes a significant and difficult issue for the small business websites or low-budget websites. However, there are various simple ways in which the small and local businesses can optimize their websites.

So, let us take a look at carious steps to optimizing your small website with on-page and mobile factors. On-page and mobile optimization is crucial for a site of any size, but it’s especially significant for smaller websites.

There is an utter need to optimize the site structure, links, keywords, canonical tags, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, URLs, and the content efficiently. You are also required to optimize the website for mobile usability in the following ways:

  • You need to make your URLs user-friendly and mobile-friendly:

Today, most of the searches online are conducted on smart-phones and tablets instead of desktops. So, it is necessary for your website to be visible and accessible on mobile phones as well. Many times, various websites do not receive traffic because they are not supported by mobile phone platforms. The URLs must be optimized and inserted with plugins so as to gain genuine clients and most CMS platforms do allow you to perform such changes in the URLs. It is also necessary for the users to get an idea regarding the content of the websites through URLs.

  • You need to target keywords in your titles

So as to efficiently optimize websites, one of the most important steps is to include and target the keywords in your titles. This allows the users and visitors to identify the content on the website. The use of keywords and inclusion of Meta tags, Meta descriptions, headlines along with the content carefully in the websites. You need to identify the keyword to insert and use it as the title.

  • You need to brainstorm and find a catchy title.

The websites need to be attractive and relevant. For this purpose, the title also plays a significant role. It is important for the website designers and developers to find a suitable title and headings for the website because it becomes practically impossible for the visitors to go line-by-line through the content. So, your innovation and creativity should be used while deciding the titles.

  • You need to add visual content

Whether in small business website optimization or large business website optimization, in order to enhance the presentation of your website, it becomes important for the website developers to make it more appealing, engaging and attractive with the introduction of visual images, audios, infographics, presentations, slide shows, GIFs, and even videos.

  • You need to use heading tags

In small website optimization, heading tags are one of essential components that help users and search engines understand what your post is about. Along with them, subheadings tags are also important to let users get an idea about your content; however, the subheading tags won’t play a part in boosting your website rankings.

  • Placing a Targeted Keyword in the First Paragraph might make your website influential

In small website optimization, it becomes important for you to include the keywords in the starting paragraph of introduction. Since the users and visitors do not go through the entire content, generally on the basis of the introduction, the visitors stick to or skip on to some other websites. So as to ensure that the visitors stay for a longer time on the website and its webpages, the placement of the keywords in the introduction might also play a major role in influencing their decision and keep them reading.

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