Status updates not updating anyone?


A status update (or post) is the most social aspect of your Facebook marketing. In order to show up in the newsfeed of your friends/fans, you have to have good EdgeRank. Facebook wants to see engagement. The key word in “Social Media”? Social. Keep your posts and comments social and conversational and engaging.

Avoid these types of posts:

“I’ll be at my open house at 456 Pine Street this Sunday from 2-4! Come by and check it out!”
(Snore, boring and truly, not that exciting to warrant exclamation points)

“10% off all haircuts today! Stop by!”
(Yawn…and you’ve probably posted that before? Right? Admit it.)

Say something like this:

“Can I tell you how much I love Victorian architecture?!?”
“Redwood trees after a rain storm smell THE BEST!”
“What do you think of Jane’s new highlights?” (with picture)

What are we doing here?
These have the potential to open dialogue. Just posting an open house, does not. As well, we’re calling out a feature of the property without being off-putting, allowing you to then engage in the comments that follow. You are more likely to get likes and comments on a statement like this than on a blatant business/real estate advertisement. Is that to say there is no place for those? No, but don’t make it all you do.

When do you talk about business?
In the comments that follow. Don’t be too salesy, remember, we just want to show people what you do for a living so that they pick up the phone and call YOU when the time comes.

What would be a good follow-up comment?
Let’s say someone simply replies “Me, too!” — you could reply with “I have been running to the window every chance I get during my open house for a big, deep breath of Redwood! This yard has 5 of them!” Then maybe add a picture from your smart phone!

Try it out! Share in the forum for this post what you posted and how it worked!

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