Use Facebook as You? Or your business?


If you have a business page and a personal page on Facebook, you can use them to comment on other posts, or to make posts yourself. If you are promoting your business, you should spend time on Facebook AS your business.

Use the photo above to navigate to the “Use Facebook As” option (upper right corner on Facebook) and select the page persona you want to be. In this case, we would select Deedable or our company name Intersect Marketing Group.

You will be taken to the “wall” for your business, just like you have for your personal friends and likes. Everyone that you have liked, or has liked you, should appear on this “wall.”

Start commenting, liking and responding! Be natural, be yourself – be personal. Ask questions to get responses and create a dialogue. Maybe you’ll expose your business to someone new, maybe you’ll learn something from them or make a new friend.

Spend at least 5 minutes doing this.

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