How Your Website Design Can Make or Break You?


If you thought that your website’s design didn’t’ matter, then it’s time to think again. Your website design has a direct effect on your business’s success. Your website it where your customers are most likely to get their first impression of your business. If your website design is slacking, it could end up costing you a customer. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your website gives a great first impression of your business to potential customers. Here is how your website design can make or break your business.


Color Selection

Your business presents itself with a unique identity through its physical appearance as well as with its logos and color selections. Even if your business’s colors are not finalized, consider them carefully. Having colors that go cohesively with your business’s identity and products makes you stand out from the crowd. For example, if your business deals with more serious affairs like funerals, than a duller color scheme for your website design would be the appropriate option. If you were to pick flashy and vibrant colors, it could actually deter potential customers away from you because your website design does not present the appropriate scheme for your business. Vibrant colors that are too flashy should ultimately be voided from your website design all together because they can be difficult to read on mobile devices.


Font Size and Style

With so many font sizes and styles available, it can be hard to know which ones to choose to best fit your website design. While you shouldn’t stress too hard about what font to choose for your website, it is an important decision to make. If your website’s font is difficult to read, too small, or unfriendly to those that have vision problems then you can lose potential customers. It’s hard for people to want to use your business when they can’t read or understand what it is about. Having a website design that include a font size and style that is both aesthetically pleasing while still clearly presenting your business’s identity and services.


Put A Call-to-Action Placement

Having a call-to-action included in your web design is important when it comes to attracting new business.  The call-to-action is your website’s business tool that should be used to funnel users through the path that leads them to buying your product or using your services. If you call-to-action has an off placement, then may see a slight reduction in the flow of new customers. Your call-to-action should be placed where it is easily seen and accessible to users at all time without covering up vital information or becoming lost amongst ads.


The Length of Your Website’s Content

It’s not about what your write, but how much space it takes up on your site. The length of your website’s content must be taken into consideration when it comes to having an aesthetically pleasing and function able website design. Having too little content on your site can leave you off of top Google searches and having too much content can make your website took too blocky and take up so much space that your website ends up looking empty and dull.  Around 350 words is a good amount of content to have because it gives your reader enough information while not being too overwhelming or leave your website design looking dull.


The Number of Images You Have

Images are a great way to give your website design a little extra color and uniqueness, but there is a limit on how many you should use. If you bombard your website with images, then they are less likely to stick with your site visitor. Besides making your website look cluttered, having a lot of images on your site makes it take longer to load which can be frustrating to your users and may even drive them away. Choosing images that add to your website design instead of taking away from it and evenly balancing your images with your content will leave you with a quality website that is pleasing to the eyes.


Your website can be an extremely valuable asset to your business, which it’s important to put time and effort into its design. When it comes to your website design take into consideration your color selection, font size and style, call-to-action placement, length of content, and the number images displayed. By taking all of these things into consideration, you can create a website design that attract visitors and increases profitability. Make sure that your website design is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and easy to use in order to bring your business success.

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