Weekend Preparation – Create Next Week’s Content


The weekend is an excellent time to gather content for future posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Whether you are an interior designer, real estate agent, baker, graphic designer, performer or any other business owner, there is always something you can collect, video tape or snap a photo of. Here is a helpful list (well, we like to think it is) of reminders:

ALWAYS have a camera on you.
Whether it’s to snap a shot of a customer, a full open house or what it is that may inspire the next great kitchen design, you should always have your camera on you. That photo becomes gold the moment you post it and say “Loved this when I was out this weekend. It immediately inspired me for a new _______________.” (recipe, bathroom renovation concept, a performance?)

Take photos of:

  • You and your clients (hold the camera out and just snap it – it doesn’t have to be perfect!) Remember to tag your clients/customers.
  • Your employees hard at work (tag them!)
  • Your product – whether it’s food, a house, a performance…it is your business!
  • Your weekend activities – relate to your customers.

Don’t stop at just photos.
Video is a great way to share the experience. Be imperfect. The problem most of us have with making videos is that we over think it. We make it far too complicated. Staged videos can be quite boring. Be yourself, show your face and be brief. No one wants a diatribe.

  • “Look at this. Imagine this dunked in chocolate…don’t mind if I do!”
  • “Ok guys, check out this yard. Sorry for the motion, I’m in the swing. Ok gotta go, open house is starting and those fresh baked cookies aren’t going to bake themselves…mmmm fresh baked cookie smell.”
  • “And this is Katherine…she is our master of cupcake making…and over here we have Joan, our office doesn’t run without her…and these are our Sunday morning regulars, say ‘hi’ guys….”

Grab Every Pamphlet and Business Card You Can
This is great post material. You can get website links and tell the story about your visit AND then you have their information so that you can also connect to the business from your social media accounts.

  • Like their Facebook page and ask them to like yours back (you need to ask for what you want!)
  • Write a review about them and link to the review from your Facebook.
  • Post a link to their site.
  • Connect with them on LinkedIn
  • Pin photos from their business on Pinterest
  • Retweet their tweets
  • Tag them in photos and videos at their business on Facebook

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