What happened this weekend?


Recapping your weekend on social media is an easy and effective way to make an interesting post online. Hopefully you have some images, video, links or other media you can post. But, even if you don’t, you should take advantage of the opportunity to tell you connections that your business was…busy.

Suggestions for posts for any social media:

  • Photos of customers at your business
  • Images of products you sell (especially over the weekend)
  • Don’t have weekend customers, post an image of what you worked on (design plans?)
  • Tag individuals who are fans of your business in your post
  • Upload a video
  • A status update that talks about the successes of the weekend (ie: great open house, busy happy hour, cookies sold out)
  • A conference or any continuing education you participated in
  • Charity work performed as your business (be humble)
  • Didn’t work?  Share a note about what you did do!   “Great weekend up north wine tasting – imbibed, revived and ready to go.  Found new inspiration and ready to bring on the week!”

Be sure to pay attention to more than just Facebook and update your other social media accounts and blog, too.

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