Why We Switched Our Domain to Intersect.Marketing


For the past 11 years, clients and prospects have used IntersectMG.com to find us. A couple of weeks ago, when we launched our new website, we did so under the new domain Intersect.Marketing. Why?

It all started when Rex Boyd, one of our partners, was complaining that every time he gave out our domain (or email address) on a phone call, he had to spell it out multiple times. He feared that this could unintentionally leave a prospect with a negative first impression.

In reality, this conversation was often quite comical. It usually,  went something like:

Rex: “Yes, you can find us by typing in IntersectMG.com. That’s Intersect MG, as in Marketing Group … dot com”

Prospect:  “Intersect NG as in Nancy Giraffe dot com?” …

Rex asked the team if they thought that saying “Intersect dot Marketing” would simply be easier for people to get right on the first try. This one question lead to a much larger internal discussion. One team leader, Jake, mentioned that many Real Estate Agents use the word “Group” as a way to make themselves look bigger when in reality their “Group” is often the agent and partial time of the shared brokerage staff.  Since Intersect works primarily with Real Estate Agents, he wondered if Intersect Marketing Group actually made us look incorrectly like a “one man show.” Additionally, we also noticed a trend where many agencies were using the .agency domain as a way to stand out. In summation, quite a few “little” corporate observations lead us to the collective decision that using Intersect.Marketing as our primary domain made sense. Of course, we also held onto our old domain IntersectMG.com so that our current clients would not be inconvenienced.

By now, you should be asking asking … “What does this have to do with me?”. The short takeaway is that you should NOT restrict yourself to “.com” for your next property website. Of course, many agents us the domain format: PropertyAddress.com. Why not stand out a little bit and use something unique? For instance, you could get a domain ending in .property. How great would it be to market your next property under a domain like:  HotNeighborhood.property. Alternatively, you could use the .realestate suffix or even .vacations for a vacation rental website. Literally, 100’s of domain suffix’s are available (here’s a full list). Some are more expensive than others, but many are either the same price as a .com domain or only a few dollars more.

If you’re ready to branch out on your domain choices, please get in touch. We’re happy to help you brainstorm possibilities.

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