You have reviews on one website but want them to show on another?


We get asked a lot “How do I get my reviews to show up on other websites?” Here is a simple technique to get your reviews from one website/social media platform to another.

Take a screenshot. It’s that easy. We did this a few days ago with a client and it worked beautifully. Not only is it an “image” which tends to get more likes and comments statistically on Facebook, but it also had the review component.

44 likes and several comments. Now that is engagement.

Other ways:

  • Blog the screenshot
  • Tweet the screenshot
  • Post it on LinkedIn
  • Post to Pinterest

To take a screenshot:

Mac Users: hit “command + shift + 4” and then click and drag the cross hairs around the area of your screen you want to capture.

Windows Users: hit “CTRL + PRINT SCREEN and then paste it into whatever photo editing software that you prefer.

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