Your Status Updates are Boring


“Come to my open house Sunday from 2 to 4!!!” or “We are having a sale!! Check it out!!” Beyond the overuse of exclamation points, it just doesn’t start a conversation and it surely isn’t memorable. Look this weekend and you’ll see what we mean, almost every real estate agent you know will post the same generic status update, and will get very little conversation from it (and when they do, it’s usually colleagues).

This is written to highlight real estate, but could be used across any small business.

Here are some better options:

  • Post an image from the property and call out a feature you personally like…”OMG I want this stove…it’s not polite to drool at your clients house.”
  • Tag your client! It’s their house, so why not tag them so that it gets put on their wall, and then their friends see it? It’s a referral without having to ask.
  • Post on a friend’s wall that lives in the area…”Hey Sue, I’m going to be in your neighborhood for an open house Sunday, want to get coffee?” It’s a subtle way to say to everyone Sue knows that you are a Realtor.
  • “Is it just me or is the secret to selling a house not in lemons and chocolate chip cookies but actually knowing the market?” Ok, maybe that has a bit of a negative tone, but did you chuckle? Aim for that versus the oh so exciting “Open Sunday 2 to 4, come check it out!!!”
  • Share a photo with a friend from a listing or a property that you saw (take one with your phone?)…”Bonnie, isn’t this the kind of stove you said you wanted?  I have a lockbox key if you want to go kick the tires.”
  • Take pictures when you are showing property to clients – with your clients.  You know, the fun, holding the camera in front of your face and grinning ear to ear with them ones?  Yea.  Those.  And post them and tag your client.  Because why?  Because then it shows on your clients wall…and we all know that images are far more likely to get responses than anything else.

Be social.
Speak in language you use.
Drop the excessive use of exclamation points.

Now, post something.

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